Diapering sustainably

The current Cradle to Cradle Certified gDiapers disposable inserts, used with our reusable diaper covers (gPants) are a more sustainable diapering system with more environmental benefits than any other single-use disposable diaper in the market. Unlike most single-use diapers, including “bio” diapers, diapers with compostable parts or diapers that are dyed brown, gDiapers contain no polypropylene or polyethylene. These plastics persist in the environment long after disposal with no ability to break down(about 50 million diapers are thrown in US landfills each day). Home composting disposable inserts (wet ones only) create a usable humus. There is no other disposable diaper, on the market that can make all of these claims. Further, gDiapers offers a cloth insert which, with a gPant, offers a fully reusable system.