High performance biomaterials grown from mycelium and agricultural waste.

Ecovative is a material science company based in Green Island, NY that was formed out of a college project in 2007. Our mission is to replace unsustainable and toxic materials commonly used today with healthy and compostable alternatives. Today, we’re creating Earth compatible alternatives to plastic foams and engineered woods using mushroom technology. Mushroom Materials have achieved a Gold level certification through the Cradle to Cradle Product Innovation Institute.

By adapting a process that occurs everyday in nature, Ecovative has developed a revolutionary way of producing materials that come entirely from nature and return entirely to nature at the end of their useful life. 

The process begins with Ecovative purchasing agricultural waste material, like corn stalks and husks, from local farmers. We reutilize these waste materials by upcycling them into useable products. Once the materials arrive at our facility from the farms, we clean the materials before introducing it to cells of mushroom mycelium. Mycelium’s role in nature is to break down debris on the forest floor, and it creates a web of thread-like hyphae during this process, binding loose particles together. We let this natural process occur in our manufacturing facility without the need to manipulate environmental factors. The end products are grown right to form and are healthy, natural, and home-compostable. 

Mushroom Materials fit well within the five categories of evaluation for certification. Because we are using local and readily available agricultural waste, and mycelium is a self-replicating organism, Mushroom Materials are ultra-rapidly renewable. Our Green Island facility was specifically chosen due to its close proximity to a carbon neutral hydroelectric plant. All of our electrical energy comes from this plant, meaning all of Ecovative’s electrical energy use is renewably sourced. Additionally, our process fits within the earth’s carbon cycle by sequestering carbon atoms for the life of our Mushroom Material products, and then slowing releasing carbon back to the soil or water upon composting. Mushroom Materials are biological nutrients, and are completely compostable in home and municipal systems.

“Our mission and products are inherently sustainable, cradle to cradle entities. The C2C certification gives us an easy to use ready- made format to see how well our processes are holding to a sustainable course. It allows us to consider all of our inputs and outputs and identify where we can improve for both planet and people.” -Peter Flannery, Parts Production Manager, B.S. Sustainable Management

“While we know that our process and materials are healthy for the planet, the Cradle to Cradle product certification provides validation to our external customers and stakeholders. Our Gold certification provides comfort and peace of mind to customers because they know they are getting what they paid for- a high performing and cost competitive product, that allows them to meet their sustainability goals.” -Joe Risico, VP of Business Development

Ecovative has chosen to pursue Cradle to Cradle product certification because it is one of the highest standards on the market today. With consumers being faced with greenwashing market strategies more and more, Cradle to Cradle certification represents a true evaluation of a product’s lifecycle.