Environmentally friendly and energy efficient solutions play an increasingly important role in the building sector and green solutions are also in demand when signage and wayfinding systems are specified. 

But ever since DanSign was founded in 1982 they have produced high quality, flexible modular signage systems, as environmental awareness has been a part of their consciousness from the very beginning. Against common practice back in those days, DanSign decided that their modular signage systems should be of extremely high quality and should make it easy for customers to change graphics when required. The use-and-toss mentality prevailing at that time was definitely not in accordance with their mindset.

DanSign brought their ideas even further when they designed and introduced their new sign system, PlanSign in 2004. PlanSign provides even more opportunities for reuse and interchangeability of the signs.

PlanSign is designed by top Danish designers and is produced in high quality 5 mm solid aluminum. With all the design features PlanSign offers, for example the integrated flush glass look acrylic lens, the magic magnetic locking devise and the hard and resistant surface which ensures that the signs last for decades, PlanSign is truly a designer’s sign system.

Aluminum was chosen as material because of its strength and durability as well as its eco-friendly features and great capacity for recycling.

PlanSign is the ideal choice of sign system for large building bodies because of design and flexibility, and because of the many standard components, the system offers uniformity throughout the building no matter what type of sign is needed.

When DanSign became aware of The Cradle to Cradle Certified Products Standard and the philosophy behind it, it was an easy decision for them to apply for certification. They fully agreed with and appreciated the Cradle to Cradle philosophy, and were confident that their signage system was appropriate for certification.

DanSign is very proud that PlanSign is now the world’s first Cradle to Cradle Certified™ sign system, and with great pleasure have committed themselves to continuous improvement and product optimization and are now offering customers a solution for circular economy when they invest in the system.

For DanSign, sustainability is not just a word. You could almost argue that sustainability is in their genes. With PlanSign, DanSign looks forward to contributing to making Danish and international buildings more sustainable in the future.