Get a Private Label Certification

Get a Private Label Certification

Private Label certification provides a certificate for an already certified product with your unique brand name. This provides the opportunity to leverage an already completed certification process to promote your privately labeled products. For the OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer), this provides a unique selling point for your product, which can be privately labeled by your customers and certified for a fraction of the cost of a new certification.

  • Private label certification provides all benefits of use of the certification marks for Cradle to Cradle certification holders, according to our Trademark Use Guidelines, and/or publication of a Material Health Certificate.
  • Private label certifications remain active as long as the OEM certification is renewed, and the annual certification fee is paid.

Is your product eligible for private label certification?

  • To earn a private label certification, the product sold must be identical to the product that has already been certified.

Complete a Certification Application Form

Work with the OEM manufacturer to complete a Private Label Verification Form

  • The OEM and private label must complete a verification form, attesting that the private label product is identical to the already certified product.

Pay the application fee and complete a Trademark License Agreement

  • After submitting the application form, you will receive an invoice for the certification application fee (for companies that have no other active certifications). See the certification fee schedule for details.
  • You will also receive a Certification Agreement which must be executed before the certification can be issued.
  • If the OEM product has a Material Health Certificate (MHC), you may also choose to receive an MHC for the product.

C2CPII issues your certification

  • Once the application form and all documentation has been provided, we will issue your private label certificate. The certificate will be under your company and product name.
  • Prior to the expiration of your certificate, you will recieve an invoice for the subsequent two year certification period. The private label product may continue to be re-certified as long as the OEM product is recertified.