Get Cradle to Cradle Certified™

In addition to the Bronze level requirements, all products certified Silver under Version 3.1 must meet the following requirements:

Cradle to Cradle Certified® Silver

Version 3.0

Material Health

  • The product has been at least 95% assessed (by weight) using ABC-X ratings.  Externally Managed Components (EMCs) are considered assessed and contribute to the overall percentage of the product that has been assessed.  Products that are entirely Biological Nutrients in nature (e.g., cosmetics, personal care, soaps, detergents, etc.) must be at least 100% assessed.
  • The product contains no substances known or suspected to cause cancer, birth defects, genetic damage, or reproductive harm (CMRs) after the A, B, C, X assessment has been carried out.

Material Reutilization

  • ​The product has a Material Reutilization Score that is ≥ 50.

Renewable Energy and Carbon Management

  • For the final manufacturing stage of the product, 5% of purchased electricity is renewably sourced or offset with renewable energy projects, and 5% of direct on-site emissions are offset.

Water Stewardship

  • Product-related process chemicals in effluent are characterized and assessed. OR
  • Supply chain-relevant water issues for at least 20% of Tier 1 suppliers are characterized and a positive impact strategy is developed (required for facilities with no product-relevant effluent).

Social Fairness


  • Material specific and/or issue-related audit or certification relevant to a minimum of 25% of the product material by weight is complete (FSC Certified, Fair Trade, etc.).


  • Supply chain-relevant social issues are fully investigated and a positive impact strategy is developed.


  • The company is actively conducting an innovative social project that positively impacts employee’s lives, the local community, global community, social aspects of the product’s supply chain, or recycling/reuse.