Get Cradle to Cradle Certified™

Version 3.0

The Platinum level of certification represents the highest standard in Cradle to Cradle CertifiedCM product design.

In addition to the Gold level requirements, all products certified Platinum under Version 3.0 must meet the following requirements:


Material Health

  • All process chemicals have been assessed and none have been assessed as X.

Material Reutilization

  • The product has a Material Reutilization Score of 100.
  • The product is actively being recovered and cycled in a technical or biological metabolism.

Renewable Energy and Carbon Management

  • For the final manufacturing stage of the product, >100% of purchased electricity is renewably sourced or offset with renewable energy projects, and >100% of direct on-site emissions are offset.
  • The embodied energy associated with the product from Cradle to Gate is characterized and quantified, and a strategy to optimize is developed. At re-application, progress on the optimization plan is demonstrated.
  • ≥ 5% of the embodied energy associated with the product from Cradle to Gate is covered by offsets or otherwise addressed (e.g., through projects with suppliers, product re-design, savings during the use phase, etc.).

Water Stewardship

  • All water leaving the manufacturing facility meets drinking water quality standards.

Social Fairness

  • A facility-level audit is completed by a third party against an internationally recognized social responsibility program (e.g., SA8000 standard or B-Corp).
  • All Silver-Level requirements are complete.