Masterclass Circular Economy Day 3: CE in practice; part 1

You’ve heard from resource scarcity, the sharing economy, Cradle to Cradle products, leasing models, production on demand, re-valuing waste streams….but you can’t grasp yet what this means for you. Then the Masterclass Circular Economy is for you.

The Masterclass looks into upcoming circular trends, and business strategies behind them. The Circular Economy – with the basic philosophy of using resources more conscientiously – offers your company several new ecological and business opportunities. 

All these models play a part within an economy that focuses on sustainable use of materials. The current use of resources places an intolerable high amount of pressure on the planet. Alongside the risk of supplies running out for many European companies: the global demand is rising but production is stagnating. For this reason our resources use and the accompanying production- and consumption patterns need to change. By ingenuity and innovation this turnaround can become an economic opportunity and give you an international competitive advantage.

During four sessions have a half-day, you will discover what sort of chances the circular economy offers for the future. We will look to the how and what, the changes in policy and industry and which key drivers are important to evolve into a circular economy (or circular business).


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