Innovations and Good Practices in EU- EPEA Switzerland

This conference will bring together speakers and participants from a wide scope of TRIZ* examples and CRADLE TO CRADLE Experts. Morning sessions will be dedicated to the presentation and discussion about best examples connecting TRIZ with C2C sustainable products. The closing part of the conference will be dedicated to the current situation in Slovenia and discussion among different companies, business associations, trying to find the answers to the key question of the conference. 






TRIZ is a tool for systematic innovation.

S-curve of development stage in many companies already show the upgrade of continuous improvement into the next step – systematic innovation.  Many of these companies already use Lean and Six sigma approach. TRIZ is philosophy, a process and a series of tools based primarily on the concept of resolving contradiction. Technical contradictions are the crux of many issues seen to date where compromise or trade-off is needed to balance between an improving versus a worsening characteristic. This is what’s happening in current manufacturing environments and we probably are able to live with it for now. But as technology advances and equipment are being pushed harder, the equipment will break or deteriorate further.

TRIZ is set of tools for directing thinking so that innovative ideas are not left to creative inspiration by trial and error. Instead, new and innovative breakthrough ideas that solve difficult technical problems and create new inventions can be systematically derived