Healthy Printing Symposium 2018

Powerful synergies come from connecting the right partners. This is exactly how the Healthy Printing initiative aims to serve its members and partners; by scaling up innovation and demand for healthy printing products. The symposium will be the first unique opportunity for buyers and suppliers to meet face to face, get to know all the people behind the initiative and to do Healthy Printing business in a different way. We will be thrilled to see you there!

The Healthy Printing Symposium will be the first unique opportunity to get to know all the members and the people behind the initiative. As you can see on our member list, many ambitious and inspiring players joined the initiative. You probably know some of them and this is the opportunity to know the rest!

Exciting new pilot projects are demonstrating Healthy Printing in the marketplace. If you’re a printing customer, you will want to know about these. If you’re a printer or ink or paper supplier, you’ll want to have first-hand contact with the stakeholders who are working together.

Printing has big impacts on recyclability and carbon footprint. You’ll be able to find out why, and what types of claims you could make in your Corporate Social Responsibility reports.

Finally, it gives you the possibility to share business ideas, practical challenges, work on current Healthy Printing projects and find like-minded partners to launch spin-offs.


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