23 June 2020: Cradle to Cradle Café – Rotterdam

The way we use our materials today will define the world we inhabit in the future. Materials are reimagined with the help of emerging technologies and new collaborations in order to create a circular future together. How can we speed up the transition towards a circular economy while bringing about a more caring and truly sustainable society? What role does the Cradle to Cradle philosophy play?  

Institute Vice President of Strategy and Development Dr. Christina Raab will join Peter Luscuere, head of the Building Physics & Services research group at Delft University of Technology and Reinder Bakker, co-founder of spatial design agency Overtreders W to discuss the role of materials and material flows in a circular economy during the Cradle to Cradle Café in Rotterdam on 23 June at DAX Creative Company. The Café will take place in English and is one in a series planned for 2020. 

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