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Speaker 1: Thijs Maartens

Built Positive: from the molecule to the metropolis

"Modern managers make others shine." As a sustainability researcher, Thijs Maartens has made a name for himself through cross-border cooperation. Thijs leads the development and positioning of the cooperation platform Built Positive in Europe.  Built Positive's vision is to create an attractive building that acts as a "bank" of valuable materials through a cycle and cycle value chains. This allows the construction industry to produce less waste, balancing the use of resources with the capacity of our planet, and ensuring that consumers stay healthy. In addition, the building retains its value. In other words, the building has a proven positive effect on people, the environment and the economy.Thijs introduces Built Positive principles and explains why this new initiative is so important to the future of the built environment.

Speaker 2: Michel Weijers

Municipal administration Venlo (concept, building process, future)

During this session, Venlo's C2C-inspired community will be demonstrating which steps will be successful throughout the planning process to achieve the desired building quality and significant financial benefits. The abandonment of a traditional planning process proves to be crucial in this context.

Speaker 3: Daniela Schelle

Municipality of Venlo

In 2009, Kraaijvanger Architects won the competition for new construction and interior design of the future municipal administration of Venlo, thanks to its positive attitude towards health, movement, relaxation, self-determination and, last but not least, healthy materials and an effective contribution to a better environment. The building is the first public building in the Netherlands to be 100% realized according to the Cradle to Cradle criteria. And although it will open on 25 October 2016, the interest of German delegations is already high.

Daniela Schelle is pleased and surprised at the same time. How is it possible that C2C principles have gained so little ground in Germany, whereas sustainability is generally such a big topic and one of the founders of the C2C idea is even a German chemist? With a feeling for the small but significant cultural differences between Germany and the Netherlands, between feeling and ratio, she tries to get to the bottom of things.


09.00 am Reception with coffee

9:30 am  Opening C2C Café

09.45 am  Presentation Thijs Maartens

10.30 am  Break

10.45 am  Presentation by Michel Weijer

11.30 am  Presentation Daniela Schelle

12:15 pm  Graduation

12.30 pm  Lunch together



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