Cradle to Cradle Café, 15 June, Ahrend in Amsterdam

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Attendance is limited to a maximum of 100 people per meeting. If more applications are received, the organizers will make a selection based on the registration information and job profile. 

Cradle to Cradle® is dedicated to creating a better world around us by taking a sustainable approach to materials. Cradle to Cradle also looks to ensure that the materials used do not present a health risk for people in buildings. Cradle to Cradle thus responds effectively to the mounting interest in healthy buildings. PriceWaterhouseCoopers state in their vision of the future that in the time to come the price of buildings will no longer be determined by 'bricks and location' but by flexibility, usability and the quality of the accommodation. They regard health, comfort and sustainability as being one of the price-determining factors. At this Cradle to Cradle café we'll be taking a closer look at healthy buildings and answering questions such as: how do you make a building healthy and comfortable, how do you show that a building is healthy and how do users go about choosing a healthy building? 

Presentation 1: Tim Beuker - Healthy offices – facts and alternative ‘facts’ 

The mounting interest in healthy buildings has led to the emergence of a wide range of new products and trends, such as air-cleaning plants, New Ways of Working, ionization and microclimatization. Which components actually yield a healthier working environment? Tim Beuker of BBA Binnenmilieu will be showing which aspects demonstrably create a healthy working environment, based on scientific research and practical experience. He will be covering aspects such as workplace concepts, light, plants and indoor climate in relation to health, comfort and productivity. 

Presentation 2: Antwan van Haaren - An introduction to the WELL Building Standard 

Consultancy and engineering firm DGMR and BBA Binnnenmilieu are being asked more and more questions about WELL. Contractors, architects and fitters all want to know what the WELL Building Standard entails and what it could mean to them. The WELL Building Standard takes people as its starting point and makes health visible. Antwan of DGMR will be introducing the WELL Building Standard and explaining how it works, what it can do for the building user, for the employer or for the developer, investor or lessor, and what it costs. The WELL Building Standard is sooner a means of creating a healthy building than an aim in itself. 

Presentation 3: Nils Bonder - The TRUE value of real estate 

A building that contributes to the health and wellbeing of its users: that's the true value of real estate. AM Real Estate Development works on this theme as a property developer and was involved in the first WELL office in the Netherlands. The WTC currently under construction in Utrecht will house approximately 30,000 square metres of office space and - in addition to BREEAM Excellent - will meet the requirements of the Core & Shell Silver certificate of the International WELL Building Institute. This American certificate represents a big step towards making built-up areas healthier. AM Real Estate Development is committed to translating the standards for the Dutch market via the Blue Building Institute. The WELL Standard will be described on the basis of the WTC project, and some of the challenges will be explained.