Circular Shift 2022 Amsterdam

The Cradle to Cradle Products Innovation Institute is proud to present Circular Shift, its annual summit. Circular Shift unites some of industry’s best known leaders in a tangible exploration of approaches and strategies to innovate for a circular future. It will provide insights into latest practices and innovations, powered by the Cradle to Cradle Certified® Products Program. Each attendee will engage with quality content and grow their understanding of current solutions and practical directions for their future work. 

Circular Shift is a cross-sectoral event attracting decision makers from a diverse range of stakeholders and sectors, including built environment, furniture, fashion, textiles, cosmetics, personal care, cleaning products, electronics, automotive and packaging. 

Held in person at an innovative  venue in Amsterdam, this event will be global in its scope, themes and reach.

Business success in the future will be largely defined by the capacity to adopt circular solutions and operate sustainably in the new economy. Circular Shift steps into this future, shows how it works in practice, and outlines how organizations can thrive within it.


Why you should join

To future-proof their business and supply chains, organizations must now more than ever fast-track their adoption of safe, circular and responsible practices. This annual event showcases the forefront methodologies, tools and expertise they can use to do so. Circular Shift is where leaders and pioneers connect to share ideas and experiences, while tapping into new innovations that will change industry forever.

The conversations and discussions at Circular Shift are relevant to all stakeholder groups, from business, policy, civic society and finance. Join us if you are amongst:

Decision makers or strategizers in areas such as corporate business development, policy setting, sustainability and circular strategies

Key representatives from fields such as R&D, innovation, product development, material development, design, or architecture

Stakeholders involved in private and public procurement, the supply chain, production or construction

Guardians of external business and consumer communications, including consumer engagement leads, marketing leads or brand champions.


Visit the event's website to find out more and register: