Built Positive Workshop London

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About the workshop

This high energy half day workshop will explore the key concepts of Built 
Positive including circular design; material health; design for reuse, disassembly, and recovery; value chain collaboration; and qualifying and quantifying the value of materials over their use and reuse cycles.

About built positive

Built Positive is a co- creative movement, formed by the Cradle to Cradle Products Innovation Institute, to increasethe built environment’s positive impact on people, planet, and economy by designing materials and products for circularity, innovating to improve these inputs, and quantifying their positive impact from the molecule through to the metropolis

The program:

1:30 pm – Welcome (C2CPII)

1:35 pm – Icebreaker (Alastair Mant, UKGBC)

1:50 pm – Talk: Values to Value (Andrew Jackson, Shaw Industries)

2:00 pm – Ask the Audience: Values (Emily English, C2CPII)

2:15 pm – Talk: Intro to Built Positive (Thijs Maartens , C2CPII)

2:40 pm – Talk: Intro to Design for Disassembly (Rachel Berman, Mechosystems)

2:50 pm – Small Group Exercise: Design for Disassembly (partners facilitate)

3:30 pm – BREAK

3:45 pm – Talk: Bleeding Edge (Eszter Gulacsy, Mott McDonald)

4:05 pm – Manufacturer’s Panel: Path to Positive (Fiona Bertram, Tarkett; Monica Miller, ThyssenKrupp; Jeremy Summeray, Armstrong Ceilings: Dorien vd Weele, Mosa)

4:30 pm – Q&A with Panel

4:40 pm – Talk: Intro to Value Chain Collaboration (Emily English, C2CPII)

4:50 pm – Small Group Exercise: Challenging the Status Quo (Alastair Mant , UKGBC)

5:15 pm – Feedback and Close

5:30 pm – Drinks/Reception

6:30 pm – Wrap-Up