C2CPII-Recognized Program Application

Several requirements in Version 4.0 of the Cradle to Cradle Certified Product Standard reference C2CPII-recognized certification programs, standards, or testing methods that may be used to comply with the requirement. Program, standard, or test method development organizations may complete this application to apply for their certification program, standard, or testing method to become a “C2CPII-recognized Program” in the Cradle to Cradle Certified Product Standard, Version 4.0. Please note that applications from other entities will not be accepted.

Recognition Requirements
The requirements for becoming a "C2CPII-recognized Program" are provided in the Version 4.0 User Guidance, Section 14, Appendix 2 – Process for Becoming a C2CPII-recognized Program. A program, standard, or testing method must meet the following requirements to receive C2CPII recognition:
  1. The program, standard, or testing method includes the technical requirement(s) and otherwise addresses the issues and intent as defined in the Version 4.0 requirement, and
  2. The system administering and developing the certification program/standard or testing method includes the framework and process elements based on the ISEAL Credibility Principles listed in the C2CPII-Recognized Program Documentation Form (see Tab #2 in the Excel file).
Note: System requirements for recognition are subject to change. Decisions to recognize programs, standards, and testing methods are made in C2CPII’s sole discretion.

Programs/standards that do not issue a third-party verified certificate/certification are not eligible for recognition (e.g., ISO 26000 and similar provide guidelines rather than a certification standard).

Application Instructions
Please provide the requested information for the certification program, standard, or testing method below.

Note: Please complete a separate application for each certification program, standard, or testing method applying to become a "C2CPII-recognized Program."

An application fee of 875 USD$ / 750 EUR€ will be invoiced for each application received.

Organization Information

Primary Contact

Billing Contact

Program Information

Please provide a brief summary of the program, standard, or test method applying for recognition, including its goals and what materials and/or products it applies to.
Recognized Program Documentation Form Upload
Please complete this C2CPII-Recognized Program Documentation Form and upload here.

Please submit Excel file in xls or xlsx format.
Evidence Documentation Upload
Upload all documents referenced in the C2CPII-Recognized Program Documentation Form under the "Technical Requirements" and "System Requirements" tabs, with the relevant sections highlighted. 

Please use the same document title that was used in the Excel form.


21% VAT added for NL Organizations

Next Steps
  1. Once the completed application form has been received by C2CPII, an invoice for the application fee will be sent to the primary contact (or billing contact, if provided) listed in the form.
  2. Once you have received the invoice for the application fee, please submit payment. Applications will not be reviewed until payment of the application fee has been received by C2CPII.
  3. A C2CPII staff member will provide notification of the recognition decision once the review of the application is completed. Please allow 6-8 weeks for the application to be reviewed.
By submitting your personal data, you agree to the terms of our Privacy Policy which states in detail how your data is processed and you give as far as required by applicable law consent for the processing of your data for the purpose evaluating your request to be considered as a C2CPII-recognized Program.