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Design Challenge II Winners
January 2016

Best Professional Design: BikeShare Helmet by Barent Roth

"With 80% of a product’s environmental impacts being determined at the design phase, it is imperative that ecological solutions be woven into the design process of every object." 

Barent Roth, a designer and educator at The New School in New York, is recognized for his BikeShare Helmet, a simple unisex style bike helmet designed specifically to integrate with the growing bike share community. The BikeShare Helmet uses a recycled aluminum foam shell and a sustainably grown cork liner to provide maximum protection with minimal bulk and weight while ensuring all materials are either recycled or composted.

Best Student Design: Onward Bag by Gabriella Jacobsen

"I see my design education as my secret superpowerin which I am able to enact real positive change in the world around me... It is not enough anymore to 'just design a computer bag'.  One must ask, 'why should this computer bag exist?' and 'where in our product system does the life of this computer bag fit?'"

Gabriella Jacobsen, a student at Virginia Tech, designed the Onward Bag to address the issue of plastic bags being a major pollutant in oceans and waterways. It is made from 60-70 recycled plastic bags, a yard of organic cotton canvas, canvas thread, and biodegradable dye. The product is designed to be capable of reducing overall plastic waste and reducing carbon dioxide emissions by taking advantage of the embodied energy in the already processed plastic bags.

Best Use of Autodesk Fusion 360: Sweeping the Nation with Change by Engineers for a Sustainable World, RIT Chapter

"As engineers, we see ourselves playing a large role in transforming today's industries. ... We want to aid our world into adopting more sustainable practices and discover new methods for production as well."

The Engineers for a Sustainable World Team at Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) developed Sweeping the Nation with Change, a recyclable broom with a bristle head made of biodegradable material that can be replaced independently of the broom’s other components. With the functionality of three brooms, but with the material and monetary costs of one, the broom they named “Sweeping the Nation with Change” provides both environmental and economic benefits. The entire model was assembled using Fusion 360 and allowed the team to compare and conserve materials through the animation feature, promoting a Cradle to Cradle approach to design.

Best Use of Aluminum: AtoB Seat by Michiel Meurs & From AtoB Public Design

"It is really exciting to see that it is actually possible to change things, to stop waste and pollution and help create a better future. Designers are well-equipped to lead the way and to visualise and help create a better world."

Michiel Meurs and the From AtoB Public Design team in The Netherlands developed the AtoB Seat: a seat for public transport made from recycled aluminum, recycled PET, and formaldehyde free bamboo plywood. At end of use, the AtoB Seat can be reclaimed by the manufacturer to determine which parts will be reused or recycled. It offers a sustainable solution for seating in public transportation infrastructure by allowing for easy cleaning, maintenance, disassembly, and recyclability.


  • Chloro Solar Vase by Cole Smith
  • Knaive Key Organizer by Aristide Miceli
  • Intention Detergent Packaging by Daniel Penge & Bryan Wong
  • Lite Chair by Bianca Pasca
  • Mix Refillable Bottle by Alex Chiles
  • ROOTS Compost Tumbler by Ashleigh Otto
  • Saddle Bike Seat by Andriana Nassou

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