Technical Advisory Groups

Technical Advisory Groups are standing committees of the C2CPII Certification Standards Board tasked to address specific topics related to development of the standard. Technical Advisory Groups advise and make recommendations to the Certification Standards Board and C2CPII staff regarding best practices and technical aspects of current and proposed standard methodologies and requirements, as well as their application and feasibility in the marketplace.

Material Health Advisory Group
Chair: Matteo Kausch, C2CPII; Co-Chair: Jay Bolus, MBDC

Nyree Bekarian Mack, Mother Dirt
James Ewell, GreenBlue
Dwayne Fuhlhage, PROSOCO
Lauren Heine, Northwest Green Chemistry
Christina Krebs, EPEA Internationale Umweltforschung GmbH
Tom Lent, Healthy Building Network
Clare Perkins, Arup
Priya Premchandran, Google
Jonathan Smieja, Andersen Corporation
Homer Swei, Johnson & Johnson Consumer Products
Patrick Van Sprang, ARCHE
Troy Virgo, Shaw Industries, Inc.
Larry Weiss MD, AOBiome
Margaret Whittaker, ToxServices LLC
Lauren Zulli, Herman Miller, Inc.

Material Reutilization Advisory Group
Chair: Matteo Kausch, C2CPII; Co-Chair: Haixiang Qian, EPEA

Kellie Ballew, Shaw Industries, Inc.
Feliks Bezati, Danone
Huantian Cao, University of Delaware
Andrew Collins, State Street
Jennifer Gilbert, I:Collect (I:CO)
Annette Hastrup, Vugge til Vugge Danmark
Thomas Hill, PwC, UK
Frieke Heens, EPEA Internationale Umweltforschung GmbH
Cristina Sendra, EcoIntelligentGrowth
Ronald Sherga, EcostrateSFS Inc.
Wes Sullens, USGBC
Dorien van der Weele, Mosa Tiles
Kendra Martz, Construction Specialties
Ana Maria Leal, SGS North America
Rachel Berman, MechoSystems
Soko Made, City of San Francisco

Renewable Energy and Carbon Management Advisory Group
Chair: Esther Julier, C2CPII; Co-Chair: Peter Karsch, Partners in Innovation

Woodrow Clark II, Clark Strategic Partners
Kevin de Cuba, Americas Sustainable Development Foundation
Max DuBuisson, Climate Action Reserve
Thorsten Grantner, OmniCert GmbH
Todd Jones, Center for Resource Solutions/Green-e
Ozge Kaplan, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
Jo Hwa Li, Taiwan Textile Research Institute
Kathleen Loftus, Whole Foods Market, GBI
Claire Mattelet, AGC Glass Europe
Barbara Toole O'Neil
Gert-Jan Vroege, Search Consultancy B.V.
Frances Yang, Arup

Water Stewardship Advisory Group
Chair: Esther Julier, C2CPII; Co-Chair: Annette Hastrup, Vugge til Vugge

Josiah Cain, Sherwood Design Engineers
Amanda Cattermole, Cattermole Consulting
Lynda Grose, Sustainable Cotton Project, California College of the Arts
Eric Harrington, Green Advantage Consultants
Albin Kaelin, EPEA Switzerland GmbH
Raj Rajan, Ecolab
James Richardson, Sustainable Water Works
Shawn Sahbari, Envirodigm, Inc.
Linda Greer, Natural Resources Defense Council
Bill Ayling, Integrated Science, LLC

Social Fairness Advisory Group
Chair: Esther Julier, C2CPII; Co-Chair: Sean Ansett, At Stake Advisors

Catherine Benoit Norris, New Earth
Zheng Hu
Sarah Krasley, Shimmy Technologies
Steven Oates, Social Accountability International
Kristen Plume, Elytra Group
Dan Osusky, B Lab