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Eastman Copolyesters and Approved Additives

Eastman Chemical Company

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Renewal date 07 November 2017

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Cadence™ resins for calendered films are specialty plastics developed for ease of processing, high-melt strength, aesthetics, clarity, and gloss. These resins can be used on existing calendering lines with little to no modification required and no drying needed prior to the calendering process. Cadence can be embossed and decorated and thermoforms with most commercial adhesives used in the lamination process.

Eastar™ copolyesters are used in a variety of markets including appliances, cosmetics packaging, medical devices, medical packaging, and visual merchandising. These copolyesters are designed to be easy to extrude, cut, print, and seal, and offer a balance of properties through their aesthetic appeal, clarity, toughness, and chemical and impact resistance.

Ecdel™ elastomers combine the chemical resistance, clarity, toughness, autoclavability and inertness of polyesters with flexibility over a broad temperature range whether it is injection-molded, blow-molded, or extruded into film or sheet. Ecdel is ideal for applications in pharmaceutical packaging where low extractables, flex crack resistance, and utility in harsh environments are required.

Embrace™ copolyesters are a shrink film product for soft drink beverages, sports, dairy, water, juice, and distilled spirit packaging. These resins are designed to provide toughness, clarity, and printability, enabling brand owners to enhance brand experiences through superb aesthetics for greater shelf appeal. With greater than 75% ultimate shrinkage, Embrace offers the flexibility to design bold, glossy 360-degree label graphics wrapped around high contoured or complex containers.

Neostar™ elastomers are ideal in packaging and tubing where low extractables, toughness, flex crack resistance, and utility in harsh environments are required. These clear, tough, dimensionally stable copolymers are designed to deliver elastomeric-like properties that impart strength, durability, and chemical and puncture resistance to extrusion or injection molding applications. Neostar elastomers are designed to remain clear and free of the blush or haze that can occur in high-temperature applications.

Eastman Provista™ copolyesters are designed to provide toughness, clarity, chemical resistance, ease of processing and fabrication. These characteristics make it versatile enough to be used in a wide range of profile configurations and applications, and offers UV resistant grades for outdoor applications.

Eastman Spectar™ copolyester is designed for creating durable and flexible interior finish and architectural applications, in-store fixtures, and point-of-purchase displays.  It can be screen-printed, painted, or hot-stamped; its toughness allows for use of thinner gauge sheet than with other common materials, resulting in lower material costs; its ease of fabrication allows for versatility in design; and it can be laser cut, routed, welded, drilled, die-punched, bent hot or cold, or joined by screws, rivets, or bolts.

Eastman TiGlaze™ copolyester is designed for the needs of customers, specifiers, and manufacturers of architectural glazing products. Strong and easy to fabricate, these copolyesters are designed to have excellent chemical resistance, durability, and design flexibility as well as UV stabilization for long-term outdoor performance. TiGlaze can be used in applications such as architectural glazing, lighting, skylights, vaults, shelters, and building entries.

Eastman Copolyesters and Approved Additives. See Product Specification Sheet (available on the Product Registry listing at for all variations approved for use.

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