Version 3.0

In addition to the Silver level requirements, all products certified Gold under Version 3.0 must meet the following requirements:

Material health

  • The product has been 100% assessed (by weight) using A, B, C ratings. All EMCs have been assessed as non-X.
  • The product contains no X assessed materials (optimization strategy is not required).
  • Product meets C2C emissions standards.

Material reutilization

  • The product has a Material Reutilization Score that is ≥ 65.
  • The manufacturer has completed a “nutrient management” strategy for the product including scope, timeline, and budget.

Renewable energy and carbon management

  • For the final manufacturing stage of the product, 50% of purchased electricity is renewably sourced or offset with renewable energy projects, and 50% of direct on-site emissions are offset.

Water stewardship

  • Product-related process chemicals in effluent are optimized (chemicals identified as problematic are kept flowing in systems of nutrient recovery; effluents leaving facility do not contain chemicals assessed as problematic). OR
  • Demonstrated progress on the strategy developed for the Silver level requirements (required for facilities with no product relevant effluent).

V3.0 Social fairness

  • Two of the Silver-Level requirements are complete.