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One crucial element of the Cradle to Cradle certifiedTM program is that we ask for 95% transparency of your product down to the parts per million. Why? Because you cannot address what you do not see. Real insight into the product, the full supply chain, and manufacturing processes along the way, tend to yield cost savings and design improvements, in addition to the bragging rights.

Invariably, you will hit obstacles: an adhesive you cannot replace without compromising structural integrity or a preservative that you could, but is cost-prohibitive. What to do?

This website is intended to help you through the process, either by providing access to practitioners or their lessons learned. In this section, you’ll find some practical “how-to” information, including best practices by the makers of some of our leading certified products. You’ll also find a list of resources, entities that can advise and inspire you in the design or redesign of your product. Finally, you’ll find a list of preferred materials, organized by function and use, which have been used in certified products.

But the most important part is you

What are you looking for (add it to the wish list)?  Where are you hitting obstacles in the process (ask a practitioner)? What materials are you looking to source (check our preferred list or wiki)? The more you participate, the better and more useful this becomes! We look forward to seeing you on these pages...

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